About Us

Aristo Packers Pvt. Ltd. is an an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, located in Chennai, India. We specialize in manufacturing Packing materials like holes board, punched board, partitions, designer board, multicolor printed cartons, rolls, all styles of cartons, etc… Our objective is to keep striving to upgrade technology, research and development in the packaging field and offer safe and secure packing of sophisticated industrial products to industrial customers in the country.


Quality is achieved through stringent quality control systems and tests at every stage of manufacturing.

Superior Service

We offer timely and prompt service that calls for personalized attention, follow-ups and professional ethics.
Competitive Edge

With our experience and high level of productivity achieved through efficient management and operation of production line, we manage to maintain a competitive edge.


Aristo Packers Pvt. Ltd.
164 (77)/A,
Perambur High Road,
Chennai-600 012
Phone: 044 – 26621542,
          044 – 26623112
Email: aristo@packingmaterial.in

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